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CFA Institute Research Challenge

The CFA Institute Research Challenge is an annual global competition that provides university students with hands-on mentoring from leading industry experts and intensive training in financial analysis and professional ethics. Each student is tested on their analytical, valuation, report writing, and presentation skills. The best part of the challenge is that they are able to gain real-world experience as they have to fit into the shoes and assume the role of a research analyst.

The Challenge Components

  • Analysis of a Public Company – Each team works directly with a publicly traded company while preparing their research. This involvement includes the company management presenting to teams and participating in Q&A sessions.
  • Mentoring by an Experienced CFA Charter holder – Each team is paired with an investment professional that mentors the team throughout the research process and reviews and critiques the research report.
  • Writing a Research Report – Each team produces an initiation of coverage report on its chosen company. The report is reviewed and scored by a group of judges.
  • Research Presentation to Panel of Industry Experts and Leaders – Each team presents their research to a panel of experts from top financial institutions. The team with the highest combined report and presentation score is the winner.
  • Advancement to the Regional and Global Finals – The winners of the local Challenges advance to compete against teams from within their geographic region, culminating in a global finale.

Benefits of Participation

  • Showcase your university on a global scale.
  • Get in-depth training in equity analysis, research report writing, and presentation skills.
  • Receive hands-on mentoring.
  • Enhance your resume / CV and open yourself to a range of career opportunities.
  • Network with professionals and peers to make inroads within the industry.


  • SLRC is open to students enrolled in an undergraduate or graduate programme. At the point of registration, all students must still be enrolled in the programme.
  • Each Business School/University will be eligible to have unlimited teams per University.
  • A team is to comprise of three to five members, one of whom should be nominated as team leader.
  • Each team should be assigned to a Professor/Faculty member who will guide them and liaise with CFA Society Sri Lanka to achieve the desired results.
  • An individual who has previously participated as a Team Member and submitted a written report for the local leg of the CFA Institute Research Challenge is not eligible to take part again.
  • An individual who was or is employed in a role whose primary duty involves fundamental company analysis is not eligible to take part. However, an individual following an internship is eligible.




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